NOUVATAN Spray Tanning Solutions are created for professionals by professionals. You will NEVER find our product in high street shops or supermarkets. All of our solutions contain active, organic, natural ingredients and contain NO harmful parabens, alcohol or oils. With 7 shades of Original Solution ranging from 6%-20% DHA and 3 Shades of Olive Solutions, it’s safe to say Nouvatan have you and your clients covered!

We also do a range of Fragrance Free and also a CLEAR Tansparent™ in 8% which is perfect for Bridal tans!

And all with the same guide colour and Mango or Watermelon fragrance!  This means you can mix them to get different shades so need to stock them all! 


Nouvatan are here to offer you great quality salon exclusive spray tan products, spray tan training & a great retail range to help take your salon or tanning business to the next level.  We pride ourselves in great customer service & support with a wealth of industry knowledge to help your business grow.


In this extremely competitive spray tanning market, all brands can look a bit samey, but they are not!

Nouvatan believes we have the edge because not only are we 13 years successfully running, we are still and always be British manufactured.

What could this mean to you? Well, number one buying British keeps our economy going and with the new  Brexit rules we have to consider that getting our product made maybe be tricky if you are dealing with overseas manufacturers.

The average boat journey from the US, Australia and China will be minimum 6-12 weeks.  Spray tanning products will have a shelf life so straight off you have from the production date to the delivery date with all the conditions that transporting this item makes you a little sceptical.

It is a well-known fact in the Beauty Industry that overseas brands “run out” of stock during busy periods so you invest in a brand and then you can’t get hold of it!  Arghhh!  Extremely annoying and costly if you are turning people away and losing business.

Is the product as natural as it can be?

There are synthetic tans and there are natural and organic tans. What does this mean?   Nouvatan uses only the best natural ingredients and the DHA is organic and made from sugar.

All tanning products have to have a preservative and ours in a paraben-free one. It also alcohol-free which can dry your skin out and prevent the tan from lasting. Oils can also strip the tan so we don’t include that either!

Is the product ethical?

Yes, all of our spray tan solutions and retail products are cruelty-free and not tested on animals. Packed full of its natural ingredients it is also vegan-friendly too. Certified!

Not found on the High Street!

Why is this important?. Well, if you’re investing with a company and you buy a significant amount of stock that you are going to sell on to your customers and then find that they can buy this in their local supermarket, chemist or online shop at a cheaper price! How irritating is that!

Nouvatan doesn’t sell to any Beauty Wholesalers or distributors in the UK as we feel we can’t be responsible for their stock rotation!  Do you know how long the Spray tan solutions have been sat on a shelf in a Beauty Warehouse or supermarket shelf?

Also Salon/User exclusive has a certain kudos about it and you know that you’re dealing with a company that is there for you and not just blanket selling to any want to be spray tanner who hasn’t invested in the time and money it took you to get trained and established.

We only supply the best in spray tan equipment. The Pop Up Spray Tan Cubicle is the only patented one and is far more superior than some of cheaper fake ones available.  If it comes free with a kit it is not worth having as it has no value, therefore if/when it breaks you have no recourse. Buy genuine the first time around and only buy once.

Training & Accreditation

These do not come hand in glove. You can train with a company and the course may not be accredited. We are members of The Guild Of Beauty Therapists, therefore insurance is easily obtained by any of the many beauty insurers out there. We offer a nationwide service and in many areas, our trainers are mobile so they can come to you in your homes and businesses.

 “What do our users say”

You only need to look at the forums to see this. We don’t use marketing strategies or Celebrities that tell you how good we are. Our users do that for us! Click here to read our reviews.

Isn’t it better to hear it from users rather than be told by an advertisement? We also have our own private forum and support group for our new customers and veteran ones. This is very helpful when starting off as you can get answers from Nouvatan customers who know the brand rather than getting a generic product response.

Why not try Nouvatan today AND discover the most referred Spray Tan Solutions brand on social media!