Barrier Cream 200ml

An absolute ‘Must Have’ product for Spray Tan Therapists.

The Nouvatan Barrier Cream  helps to prevent unsightly tan lines and stops the DHA ‘grabbing’ to dry skin areas prior to the spray tan session. Apply a small amount to the hands and work through, ensuring any other dry skin areas are covered.

Barrier Cream prevents over-tanning on areas like hands and feet. It forms an invisible barrier for water based tanning solutions.

£ 5.00 +vat


Non-greasy and non-perfumed.

Barrier Cream should be applied to dry areas before spray tanning including:

  • Elbows
  • Knees
  • Palms of Hands
  • Feet

To apply use a large pea size amount to hands, rubbing between fingers, palms, back of hands and wrist area. Then apply to feet and ankles. Also, apply a small drop to each finger and toe nail to prevent staining.

Additional information


Opaque Cream

Composition: Aqua, White Soft Paraffin BP, Light Mineral Oil, Cetrimidium, Phenoxyethanol.

Product Reviews

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5 reviews for Barrier Cream 200ml

  1. bellagrace

    this barrier cream has never failed me! its essential to my tanning treatment 🙂

  2. Krystal

    Great quality, absorbs into skin nicely, all my clients with eczema have said how lovely it is too & love the pretty brand design on packaging.

  3. Sam Sayers- Fake but Fabulous

    Great product, excellent price and does the perfect job. ?

  4. carlys cabin

    no smell, easy application and asorbs quickly. does what it says.

  5. Fiona forney

    Does exactly what it says, used on knees, elbows, hands and feet.
    Doesn’t have perfumed scent which is great, and doesn’t feel greasy.

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