All orders for goods accepted by Nouvatan, (“the vendor”) are accepted subject to the following conditions that shall form part of and govern the contract of sale.

Acceptance of goods shall be deemed to be acceptance of these conditions of sale. Any term sought to be imposed by a purchaser either in a document or otherwise that conflicts with or adds to these conditions is not accepted.

No agent or representative of the vendor has authority to vary these conditions unless accepted in writing by an Authorised Representative of Nouvatan

Please note: All products will be despatched at the price shown on our Web Site on the date of order regardless of what any other price list reflects. Up to date prices can be found on our Web Site, which is continually updated.

Terms: Orders are despatched with any costs shown where appropriate.


When you require Customer Services, please Call 0333 456 4678  or contact us on info@nouvatan.co.uk for us to give you customer service quickly please have the following information ready:

The name in which the goods were purchased | The date of purchase | Full fault description

We are confident that these procedures will enable us to offer you a better and speedier service. However, if you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.


Payment is to be made via credit card, debit card, online or unless otherwise agreed in writing and no goods will be despatched until payment has been made to the vendor. All credit card companies now require address verification (your credit card billing address) on all mail order transactions. An incorrect billing address will result in a delayed or cancelled order.

The vendor shall despatch goods to the purchaser within 2 working days of receipt of payment or shall notify the purchaser if goods are unavailable.

In the event that goods are unavailable the vendor will make immediate refund to the purchaser of monies paid relating to the unavailable goods only. If only part of an order can be supplied the vendor shall be entitled to fulfil that part of the order and retain payment for any or all goods despatched.

Our policy requires 100% prepayment in advance for any orders made from this website. Such payments are not refundable once the merchandise is ordered except as shown in these terms.

Training is non refundable and alternative dates will be offered to you.


No liability for any claim for damage shall be accepted unless the purchaser notifies the vendor within seven days of delivery. This period may be extended at the sole discretion of the vendor.

No liability for any claim for missing items shall be accepted unless the purchaser notifies the vendor within seven days of delivery.

No liability for any claim will be accepted in the case of goods differing in quantity or descriptions from the purchaser given on the order unless the vendor is notified in writing by the purchaser within 7 days of delivery.


You are entitled to a full refund if you return your goods within 14 days. Postage and packing is the responsibility of the purchaser.

If your goods are faulty on delivery then a full refund will be forthcoming on the return of the goods.

The vendor reserves the right to charge a restocking fee on goods returned for credit, which are not in stock condition and where notification has been given by the purchaser of any damage to the goods within seven days.

The purchaser shall unless otherwise stated be responsible for the cost of return of all goods returned by the purchaser to the vendor for which goods shall be at the risk of the purchaser until actual receipt of the goods by the vendor. The onus of proof of safe delivery shall rest with the purchaser.

All items returned to the vendor by pre-arrangement and found to contain no fault, will be subject to a 25% restocking charge, provided the goods are in original stock condition. Any downward variation of this restocking charge shall be at the sole discretion of the vendor.

The vendor shall give a 21day return full guarantee to refund to the purchaser full credit for any goods returned in stock condition which shall not affect the rights of the consumer or purchaser under any statutory rights.

No credit shall be allowed for goods until they have been received complete. A full credit will only be given on items returned within 14 days from delivery.

If a credit is to be given, the original carriage charge will not be refunded / credit if applicable.

Refused Shipments : Shipments returned marked refused, or not in when driver called will not result in refund and refusal of a shipment does not relieve the customers liability for paying any charges.


If any part of these terms and conditions shall be found to be unlawful it shall not affect the validity or enforceability of the remainder of the conditions.

These terms shall be deemed to have been made in England and shall in all respects be governed by English Law.

In respect of consumer sales only, statutory rights are unaffected by these terms and conditions.


The terms and conditions listed are determined by specific consumer legislation and the rights of the purchaser are governed by such consumer legislation.


The purchaser is responsible for ensuring safe shipping of any returned item.