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Why Choose Nouvatan

The Nouvatan range of Spray Tan Solutions, Equipment and Spray Tan Accessories has been developed to the highest of standards. Focusing on solution quality, shade durability and ease of application, has enabled us to develop a premium yet affordable Spray Tanning brand.

We never protest to make you look like a celebrity, but our products make you feel like one. Nor will we say we will cure all cellulite as not even surgeons can do that. But, we will say is that we have developed an honest to goodness tan with the best ingredients with natural and active organic DHA at affordable price. It has all the components to achieve the healthiest natural tan without the harm to you skin. Nouvatan = No-UVA-tan.

Made with Natural & Active Organic Ingredients

Our No UVA Tan has been lovingly created to produce the best Spray Tanning solution available. It does not contain parabens, alcohol or oils, leaving you with a perfect natural looking Spray Tan. Our product IS NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS & VEGAN FRIENDLY Discover the Nouvatan range of Spray Tan Solutions.  

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Perfect Pre Holiday Tan

Here's a testimonial....from me....who's been doing the spraying for the last 8 months but rarely being sprayed myself!! I've just been on my first holiday since opening the business and can now comment with authority on Nouvatan and how it performed on a pool/beach holiday abroad! I have never been too sure what to say when asked how long it will last abroad and have always warned clients that depending on the type of holiday and activities it may not last too long. So... I was sprayed last Sunday 28th with 12% before heading out to Gran Canaria. If I'm honest I had to shower it off a bit soon, after about 4 hours, so wasn't too hopeful about the depth of colour but it was just perfect. The weather was really disappointing at first so I was really grateful to have my tan at the outset and would recommend that to anyone no matter what the weather is doing. I felt fantastic and people were always asking me how long I'd been there. I did all of the usual holiday things over the week.....swam in both the pool and the sea, went on a boat trip, covered myself in suncream (I tried both Ambre Solaire and Nivea and both had no impact whatsoever on my Nouvatan) and I also obviously showered once or twice every day. Despite all of this I have returned home sporting both Nouvatan and a suntan but my Nouvatan has faded so beautifully that I can hardly tell where it is or it isn't.....I'm just brown and evenly brown....no patches AT ALL! It's by far and away the best spray tan I have ever had.

Michelle Mohindra