How do you know the difference?


Well in a lot of cases this is hard to see online as the sizes are usually the same however, look out for the velcro vented ones (the zipped vent in the back tends to be the poorer quality ones) look out for a company tag on the sides, if these are not present then they have been bought off the shelf and are usually not of good quality. Its only when you get then side by side can you see the differences between them. The good quality tents adhere to all the quality checks that you would expect of an ISO manufactured unit, but they are also double rodded on the memory bar structure that goes all around the tent. In this instance you definitely get what you pay for!

How can buying a poor quality one impact my business?

Well from Nouvatan’s experience we can say that we were invited to train at a college. The tutor explained that there would be no need to bring any tents as they have them from the previous training provider. Stupidly we thought ok they been good enough for them then surely its ok.   How WRONG were we! Firstly they took us to the cupboard where they were stored and found that they were squeezed behind filing cupboards as they couldn’t be folded and most had broken internal bars. Then we finally got then set up! They were fine if your clients were no more than 3ft tall and shaped like bananas as they all leant over 45 degrees!

To you as a either a salon user or mobile you need something that will erect easily and dismount without you looking like you are fighting with an out of control tent, can you imagine how unprofessional you would look and feel if you couldn’t get this down.


What should you look out for?

  1. If a company is offering a tent free with a machine it has no value!
  2. Is it Flame Retardant
  3. ISO manufactured standard
  4. Internally waterproof
  5. At least a years warranty