Is a fake tan even a good idea? Of course! Everyone loves to look tanned and bronzed, why should we fear a fake tan? We shouldn’t, but your first time can feel a little daunting!

If you want to achieve the perfect sun-kissed glow you can do it yourself. Check out our fake tanning top tips and get that fabulous golden glow…

Exfoliate Baby!

An essential part of the tanning process. So many people overthink exfoliating, and often plan in weeks of exfoliating before a big day when in truth you only need to exfoliate the night before you plan to tan!

Self-tan actually clings to dead skin, as good as it is to have a clean smooth base for tanning, you don’t want to completely remove all dead skin as this helps to develop that rich tan you are looking for!

Don’t Forget Your Hair!

This is especially important for those with fair and blonde hair! Make sure to always tie your hair completely back when tanning, it is so easy to accidentally make mistakes and catch your hair with the tan, which can stain your hair! It is advisable to dab a touch of Vaseline over your brows and any hair still on show just in case!

Find The Perfect Match!

Getting the right shade for you is so important!

Practice makes perfect, everyone’s skin is different so one shade does not suit everyone. We have different shades available in our Self Tan ranges, either the gradual build moisturiser or the self-tan mousse – both offer a normal or intense shade which can be built up over different applications.


It is important to not moisturise your skin before applying the tan as this can act as a barrier but it is key to keep your skin hydrated after your tan especially if you have opted for a darker tan. Make sure to only apply a light layer of moisturiser to keep your skin hydrated but not until the tan has fully dried and penetrated the skin.

Now you know some of our self-tanning tips, why not try our favourite go-to’s in our Self Tan range.