We’ve all seen or heard of the horror stories: someone going in for a sun-kissed spray tan but coming out looking more orange than Ross in that Friends episode. But when spray tanning is done right, it can completely transform you. Not only will you glow on the outside, but the confidence boost will make you glow on the inside too. Self-care isn’t all about outside appearances, but a good pamper day or beauty treatment can make a huge difference!

Preparing for your first-ever spray tan can feel daunting. Many people get apprehensive at the thought of getting undressed in front of a stranger or coming out looking orange. But with a Nouvatan beauty therapist, we promise you are in safe hands. Our tanning experts have all undergone vigorous training and achieved fully accredited tanning qualifications with The Guild. Find out more about our professional services here.


To get the best results from your Spray tan, take a look at our Prep Guide here!

Check the weather before your appointment – if it is forecast rain, then make sure you’re prepped with an umbrella to avoid ruining your freshly sprayed tan!

Not many people think about this, but it’s worth having a coat of nail varnish on your nails to prevent them from staining. If you have gel or acrylic nails, then your spray tan won’t ruin them as it’ll easily rub off if it has been sprayed onto them.

At the appointment

For the best results, go make-up free. Wearing perfumes, cosmetics, lotions and make-up act as a barrier between your skin and the tanning solution, causing a less effective tanning result. If you don’t want to brave the outside world au naturel, then take your make-up off at the salon before your spray tan. Wear your hair up so it doesn’t get in the way and remove all jewellery.

When it is time for your tan, the Nouvatan therapist will wait outside whilst you get changed – you can keep your knickers on if you wish, although we recommend wearing old dark underwear or a bikini.  If you want to be spray tanned in a full swimsuit, the choice is yours!

After your spray tan 

Put on your dark, loose clothing. This prevents staining and avoids your tan rubbing off due to tight clothing. We suggest wearing pyjamas to bed if you are leaving your spray tan to develop overnight.

It is recommended to have your first shower 8 hours after to allow the spray tan to develop deeper on the skin and leave you feeling like a true golden goddess!

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